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Anti-inflammatory diet


Hello all!

Hope you’re safe & well.

I was just wondering if anyone practices the anti-inflammatory diet? I’ve been doing some reading and as I sit here in crippling pain, I’ve decided I really need to change what I eat!

If you have, or are following an AI diet, do you have any recommendations on cookbooks/books? Have you noticed a difference? Is it realistic?

I’ll be heading out shopping Tuesday after I’ve meal planned for my week!

Thanks in advance,


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Hello, I’ve very recently had surgery and have looked at this as a change for me during my time off sick to help hopefully slow down the return of endo and help with fertility. It would be nice to know how you get on as we are starting at the same time, wishing you the best of luck 😊xx

ElliceSamara in reply to Sjg1991

Oh absolutely. I will keep you updated! I really hope it helps you too. Best of luck. Xx

Please look into vitamins too I have a post on it

Brilliant!!! Thank you so so much.

Your welcome diet and vitamins lead me to a more pain free life from not being able to walk😊

I went vegan (pretty much anti inflammatory and cut out caffeine and alcohol) I was very skeptical initially but it’s made a huge difference to my endo. It’s been a year now and I certainly wouldn’t go back

Best of luck xx

Hi I started an anti Inflammatory diet about 6 weeks ago I have noticed a massive difference in terms of pain. I switched to gluten free and take vitamins daily, I also increased my exercise. I am still suffering terribly with tiredness around ovulation and my period so if anyone can help with that? Id love some ideas xx

Good Luck Ellice 😊

The first is Omit refined sugar and refined flour . White rice 25 g per day max.4 porions of whole fruits and vegetables a day.

Felma in reply to Felma

Yes also omit alchohol tea coffee and stop smoking. Omit read meat. Eat more fish .Banana is a v good and cheap fruit.Drink around 3 litres of water a day. Are you diabetic or hv any kidney problem?

ElliceSamara in reply to Felma

Hi Felma,

No I am not diabetic and I don’t have any kidney problems.

Thank you for your advice!

Felma in reply to Felma

Sorry red meat

I started this diet about a year ago. All I ate was fruit, veg and fish. I cut out bread completely and gluten and dairy. I tried it because I read tia mowrys book, not sure if you remember her from sister sister? She also has endometriosis and believes that she cured it/controls it and was able to have children because Of her diet. It’s worth a read and also has recipes in it.

I was doing really well and the energy I had was amazing, the flare ups really reduced. Unfortunately due to other circs I slipped back into my old diet but I really look forward to going back to it, I’ve never felt so healthy! Good luck

Afrohair in reply to Kelley8

I also believe diet led me to conceive.though I will say tia had two surgeries for her babies though she didn't need ivf she still had laparoscopic surgery x

Hi, I had my first lap 4 weeks ago and have been diagnosed with stage 4 endo. Since my op I have gone gluten free, I have cut down on dairy massively, gone caffeine free, taking a lot of herbal teas, peppermint, tumeric, camomile flavours etc, also taking a omega 3 supplement and feel that it has impacted massively on how bloated i feel etc. I still have work to do on eliminating dairy, finding the substitute cheese just isn't the same lol! But think it has helped definitely!

C_rin_G in reply to Sarahmae

For cheese if you get Tesco own free from cheese that’s the best one I’ve had. It’s made from coconut oil but you can’t really taste it (I hate any coconut but like this) if you like spicy cheese then the Tesco one is really nice that’s my favourite One you can’t taste the coconut in that one at all xx

Sarahmae in reply to C_rin_G

Oh thank you! I'll give it a try!

I’m on day one of the A I diet good luck everyone x


For me going vegan was a huge change. Now 3 years I didnt have a flare up and my cyst didnt come back. Since then Ive not taken any contraceptive too. I have period pain but I cant even compare with before. No fainting, puking, I can go with only Ibuprofen. I changed my diet in the same year when I had my last surgery. The best decision of my life. Before that my endo was back in 5 months after surgery and the pain was just worse.

Helped with the bloating too. Now people dont ask me day by day if Im pregnant.

I have heard some people are more sensitive for soya. It does cause me problem but I guess everyone has different sensitivity. I have no issue with gluten too, but some books recommend to cut that too. Alcohol used to cause me flare ups, so now in moderation and very occasionally.

Good luck to you!

Hi I started anti inflammatory 6 weeks ago. It has already made a difference. Above i see someone put white rice but you can't have that you can have brown rice. I am strict with mine and basically eat all veg, some fruit chicken and cod. I make my own sauces from herbs and spices. I usually have 1 week of being bed ridden a month and this time it has been 1 day of hobbling about instead. I've also got more energy and have got back to the gym! So it's a yes from me but you also have to cut alcohol out or right back i have some red wine still as its anti inflammatory

Hi. I was really strict about diet for about a year and a half - no gluten, no carbs at all (sugar, potatoes, rice, starchy veg) no grains or legumes, no fruit other than berries, no alcohol, no caffeine, no soya. I started with no dairy but after a while I added it back in and it didn't seem to affect me so now I have lots of cheese. I use coconut sugar and ground almonds & seeds to make some "biscuits" . I also treat myself sometimes to a little sugar /alcohol/ free-from breads, but I can always feel the effect. It was extremely hard to get used to, but the diet has given me back my life!!! I used to be in so much pain and also fatigued so I was in bed for much of the day often. After a long time of strictness I tried adding a small portion of a non-gluten starch and monitored which I could have in small portions and which to continue avoiding.

Hope this helps you. It's really tough but worth it if you can get used to a new normal. Good luck!

Hey!! I personally haven’t started yet, but I’ve been reading a book which i have found really helpful - it’s called ‘Endometriosis: A key to healing and fertility through nutrition’ and can be found on Amazon! A lot of what I have read soo far has been really helpful as it explains which foods may worsen your symptoms or increase pain etc

I followed an anti-inflammatory diet and it really helped. I cut out red meat, dairy, and sugar. I never ate soy so I did not have to give that up. I also found fizzy drinks were a problem and eating foods that were not cooked like eating red peppers in salad would set me off. I liked the book 'Recipes & Diet Advice for Endometriosis by Carolyn Levet which I got from Amazon. Its got lots of tips and loads of recipes. I also found serrapeptase helpful for pain and it can help reduce scare tissue.

Hello fellow endowarriors! 😁

This diet had been going swimmingly, until today! Extremely upset stomach. No amount of loperamide can hold me when I get like this unfortunately.

Baffles me, I’m on annual leave so no stress. My job will definitely be safe (I work in healthcare) so that’s not a trigger at all. Been having the same meals for a week flat. No bloating, no nausea, no ‘fatigue’, been great!

Not quite sure what could have triggered it. ☹️ x

That could have been the trigger meals need to be balanced can't be the same or you may miss out on some nutrients x

This is true, I did consider that. Just my bowel symptoms are up there with my pain - probably the thing I suffer with most. Can’t wait to have my MRI to check my bowels for endo.

I’ll just stay hydrated and eat plain for a day or so then meal plan week by week and incorporate as much as I can. X

What bowl symptoms have you had? it could be if you've gone too quick into the diet eating things like broccli and cabbage vegetables that's why it's important it's customised for you And it's gradual I can't have cabbage it's not good on my bowl but can have other veg

If it's diarrhoea and things it could be lactose intake my daughter can only have small amounts of lactose and sometimes none at all so if you have had same meals all week you could of had too much of a good thing which can cause an adverse effect

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