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Induced menopause

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I’ve struggled with all endo symptoms for 4 years and constantly been told I just have bad periods. I have finally been listened and they’re near sure I have endometriosis (can’t confirm until laraoscopy) I’m 19 years old and being put into early menopause for 1 year? Has anyone had the injections and had any personal experiences with it?

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I had Zoladex x 6, it’s only licensed for this long for endometriosis. It didn’t appear to have done much for me at the time, but it does seem to have reduced some inflammation.

Is it a gynaecologist that’s suggested it? If it’s anything like Zoladex check how long you should take it for, anything prescribed above the recommendations you should be informed first.

Unfortunately it can be trial and error. If you don’t like needles as about Emla cream, I put it on at least an hour beforehand.

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HillJ66 in reply to Moon_maiden

How long did it take for symptoms to start?

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Moon_maiden in reply to HillJ66

I was back and forth to GP last year with urinary frequency, pain and couple UTI’s. Saw consultant privately and lap Feb. As it was deep endo referred on to BSGE and Zoladex in the meantime. I didn’t think it did anything for pain but has had some effect internally.

It is your body and given your age you have a lot to consider. If you are just seeing a general gynae, consider a referral to a specialist. Why do they want to wait a year?


I’ve been on prostrap 1 yr I’ve been pain free ever since I’m now having a full hysto but obs I’ve had my children

The only side effects I’ve had has been weight gain , Hot flush but not many we are all different tho. My advice would be research a really good gynaecologist clinic as I’ve found since finding mine I get the best help and confident in what they advise me. I’ve had endo from early age was only diagnosed 2016.

I’ve been on monthly Decapeptyl shots for 4 months, because of bleeding caused by fibroids, and my gyno wants me to continue with the treatment until my natural menopause. I’m

47 years old but my Mum didn’t reach menopause until she was in her late fifties, so it may not happen for me any time soon. What I fine about the Decapeptyl is that while it does stop my heavy periods it get more depressed with each injection. I do have a history of depression but it’s become much worse since their started me on the jabs, to the point where I’ve had suicidal thoughts. My gyno says it’s got nothing to do with the medication, but a little googling told me otherwise, and my psychiatrist agrees. I would therefore urge you to think carefully before making a decision.

Hi there. The drugs that induce menopause are only licensed for 6 months. I’m 20 and have been on the drug since December and honestly hate it. My consultant is playing around with them in the hopes it will finally work but no luck there. I was on Decapeptyl Dec-July and now on Prostap.

When you’re under 23, we shouldn’t technically be on it because it can affect our bone density, even with HRT. My only option was to choose induced menopause as they weren’t offering me surgery and I was so fed up of suffering. Now I’m fighting to be put on the list because I’m still unable to cope.

I have severe depression, horrible night sweats, still been bleeding when shouldn’t be, hot/cold flushes, migraines, terrible acne and more all because of these injections and if I didn’t have anxiety making me overthink things, I would just stop having the injections.

Ultimately it is your choice. However, I don’t think it is wise to go on these drugs without a firm diagnosis and for so long. Are you seeing a general gynaecologist or someone with a specialist interest in Endo? I ask because general gynaes do not understand the disease to the level we need. Moreover they believe this kind of drug will solve all our problems.

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HillJ66 in reply to Lofty1589

I’m seeing a private gynaecologist who specialises in endo, pcos etc. I’m at my wits end and feel like I would try anything, I keep telling myself nothing can be as bad as the pain I get every month. I’ve been prescribed HRT along with it and I will be getting injected every 4 weeks, although from speaking to family who are dealing with real menopause they all found HRT didn’t do very much

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Lofty1589 in reply to HillJ66

I’m glad you’re seeing a specialist.

HRT is tricky. What it should do is help combat the symptoms of menopause but I’ve found it doesn’t help. Or that it is working and menopause is like dying in the Sahara Desert. After 2 months, you should be having the benefits. If you don’t feel better after that long, I would come off the drug and try to find something else to manage it. I know it’s difficult - me and hormones don’t get along so I am struggling with what I have, and my anxiety goes haywire at even the thought of having a period.

I’m on Zoladex, it’s great for me but I’m in my mid-40s.

In your case, what happens after those 12 months?

Challenge your doctor by asking how your endo is going to be treated, going into the future.

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HillJ66 in reply to Moonglo

Thank you! How long did it take for your symptoms?

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Moonglo in reply to HillJ66

I was injected straight after a lap and have had no periods since (a blessing) and I take Tibolone HRT. Occasionally I get hot flushes but that’s normally just after an injection, or when the next one is due. I also have regular bone scans. That’s it for me.

I did have some side effects which you would expect but the fact that it eased the pain and bleeding made it worthwhile.

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