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Back pain


Hiya ladies I’ve been having persistent back pain in my lower left side of spine/ pelvis and really concerned something is seriously wrong. Nothing I’m doing is helping. The pain goes like a dagger from

My back to my pelvis. I’m worried Endo may have spread to my back. It’s worse when opening my bowels. I can’t cough or sneeze without excruciating pain.

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Have you spoken to GP or consultant about it?

If you aren't getting other symptoms that you recognise for endo, hopefully, it could be something much simpler and a pulled muscle. I'm saying simpler as a therapist can help with this.

Thank you for your reply. Yes I have spoken to the gp. Endo symptoms in terms of pelvic pain and bleeding from my bowels is still happening but would say my pelvic pain is worse.

What’s GP said, have they referred you?

They didn’t! I’m already under gyne they just said there isn’t much they can do as I had a scan on my in 2018 said it would be pointless scanning again (which I disagree) just said try and do light stretches of lower back and massage. Oh and increase pain meds 🙄my concern is something more is going on other than the Endo. Never had the pain so presistent and for soo long (two weeks)

My mum suggested maybe it’s siatica I have no clue

These days you have to keep going back. A few years ago a GP told me you have to insist they do something, and when you do they get grumpy 🙄

An MRI would be best bet, I agree 2018 will be out of date. Six months can show differences. Last November ultrasound showed fibroids, had another May and they’d grown.

A few weeks ago I had a consultation with gynaecologist and he diagnosed Lichen Sclerosus, this causes pain, I haven’t a clue what mine’s down to now.

Awww I’m sorry to hear. I haven’t heard of lichen sclerosus. Well I’m

Sending this message from

A&e pain is unreal!

I hadn’t either, bit of a shock.

I really hope they help you, let us know how you get on

With a bit of luck you’ll see a gynaecologist and a scan. 🤞

How are you? Did they find out what’s wrong?

Thank you for asking turns out it’s a bad Endo flare with siatica. Never had siatica before but it does mimic my usual back pain when I have a flare just way more intense! I’m due to have a gyne app in Oct still going to push for another scan x

October isn’t too far off. Definitely push for scan, out of scans I’ve had, MRI seems best for endo.

I had exactly that pain you are describing for months- until i decided enough was enough and went to see gynec. They sent me straight to have a hysterectomy. Uterus was very very enlarged and full of fibroids and was pushing against all organs.

I waited 3 more months until I couldnt anymore and had it done in april.

It took a while for that pain to fo away but now its gone.

I am not saying you need one :) just telling the story of that exact pain and what it meant for me according to the drs.

Moon_maiden in reply to Anna1511

I wish they’d do mine straight away 😫

Anna1511 in reply to Moon_maiden

Is there a way to ask?

Moon_maiden in reply to Anna1511

I’ve moaned at consultant and secretary, all I get is they are waiting for theatre timetable. 🙄

Part of the wait it’s with the endo specialist, so it can’t be a random op due to endo possibly sticking uterus to bladder, and no one is totally sure of bowel involvement. Having a whinge as last night didn’t get much sleep as tried not taking laxatives Wed and yesterday, and did a bit more than usual, my own fault really

Sunflower16 in reply to Anna1511

Thank you for sharing. Happy to hear it’s helped ur pain x

Sooo turns out I have siatica with a bad Endo flare! As if Endo wasn’t enough eh.

I have this pain. Waiting for gyny referral to go through. I haven’t been diagnosed with endo yet but have all the signs. I’m on week 4 on high pain meds :(

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