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Chest palpitations with endo

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Hi all sorry to ask but does anyone experience strange fluttering in the chest when they are sitting down watching tv or try to go to sleep? Iv had it since my last period and it's starting to really bother me as it takes my breath away? It's like a weird burn and shoots down wards when it happens. It would be comforting to know if anyone else experiences this xx

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I have been getting fluttering in chest too. I would see if you can get this checked out for peace of mind.

I mentioned this to a cardiology doc I saw last week; he mentioned the possibility that I have ectopic beats and also mentioned the tranexamic acid I take for my extremely heavy periods may need reviewing. Not sure where the tranexamic acid comes into this as I am not aware it can cause this symptom.

I would see if you can get this checked out for peace of mind.

I hope this helps.

Thankyou that helps, I feel daft going back to the doctors but it's just weird it only ever happens if iv just got home from work, watching tv or in bed it's like 1 beat that's hard then three other after it, iv never had it before so wasnt sure if it's my heart beating or if it's something spamming but its defo strange thankyou for the message xx

I have this too! To begin with I thought it was my anxiety but now I'm not so sure. I'm seeing a new consultant in a few weeks so I'll be mentioning it then in case it's something to do with endo as I'm not taking any meds for it atm.

I have this and my doc put it down to anxiety but it happens when I’m not anxious so think I will mention it to specialist had my heart rate checked other day but nothing was said

Yes - it’s very disturbing. I’m going to ask about diaphragmatic and thoracic endo. It would explain a lot, especially with the breathlessness.

Yes I’ve had this for years I’ve seen a cardiac specialist and they gave me an ecg etc and put it down to anxiety but I don’t think it’s anxiety related ? Seeing a new specialist on the 23rd so will mention it then.

I have had it a few times.i went to GP- had an ECG done the sent me up hosp. All fine x

I've had this but they put it down to stress. Worth getting checked

Hi! I’ve been experiencing this for the past 6 months. The doctors have told me it’s anxiety but I don’t relate the two. For me, it’s not a panicky feeling but more of a discomfort, especially when falling asleep. I’ve also noticed patterns of it flaring up around my period. I’m planning on going back and asking them to investigate further as it can be really uncomfortable. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this, I will be sure to let you know if I get any answers after my next appointment x

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How weird I have been having this even since my hysterectomy op in mar due to bad endo etc. I was told I had pulled a muscle but it’s weird everyone else is having it - it happens to me every night in bed and wakes me up !!

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Sounds strange but I have actually stopped using aluminium based antiperspirants after reading about how they can impact on hormones and it has reduced my heart flutter symptoms by quite a bit (although they are still there sometimes).

It may just be coincidence but it’s definitely worth a try as I’ve 100% noticed a difference since switching to a more natural deodorant!

I used to get this but when i switched from a combined pill to a mini pill it stopped so i think mine was something to do with that


I get chest pains on the left that randomly come and go when I have my tummy pains. It’s scary and was rushed to A & E in an ambulance last year but it turned out to be nothing so now I just ride them out. 🤷‍♀️

I get this too and it keeps me up at night (sounds like someone’s playing drum and base in my body). Like somebody else above it seems to relate to my period, and I have read online that hormonal changes can cause palpitations and uneven heart rate so could be that. Worth getting it checked out though. Beta blockers, like propranolol, might help to lower it, so you could mention a prescription of these to dr if it’s bothering you.

I too get this and have been told by the Dr that's it's anxiety. I believe that she only said this because she looked at what drugs I am on and saw Gabapentine, (for pain), so immediately assumed I was on it for anxiety and won't believe that I am not at all anxious.

It's been going on for a few years now, it's like a couple of beats just rush themselves through, feels fluttery or racy. It happens when I'm sitting still, reading or lying in bad. I've stopped having caffine after 12 noon to seeif this makes any difference, but not noticed any changes.

I now have an appointment with the rapid chest pain clinic this coming Friday, so let's see.....

Yes I get these and never used to, my doc put it down to anxiety as well as stress, sometimes I feel like I’m not anxious but you could be subconsciously which can cause it- I still get anxious from endo pain as can’t get my head around still that it’s from that and prang out. Would also look into things your consuming, I never used to be caffeine sensitive but it causes me palpitations now that I suffer with anxiety, might also be caused when mixing with medications, it most likely is anxiety as you mention it’s when you sit down for the day, I find that during the day I’m so busy it doesn’t hit me and then when I get home and am lost with thought it gets on top of you ! Drink lots of water :)


I’ve been experiencing this most of my adult life, I’m 40 now. Just wondering if perhaps it might be associated with heavy periods and possible low iron levels? Might be worth getting iron levels checked out especially if you are having heavy periods.

Hope you get it sorted. Xx

I’ve actually had cardiac ablation for this a few years ago but never thought it could be connected to endo although my heart rate rises when I have pain

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