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upper abdominal pain burning spasm and bowel symptoms

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hello ladies, last year i had a lap and was diagnosed with mild to moderate endo. I originally developed unually heavy period bleeding and sudden lower right sided back pain. my right ovary and tube was removed during lap. at around the same time prior to lap, i developed this weird burning type pain under my right ribs fairly high up. i have had this pain for well over a year now and it comes and goes. doesnt last very long and often, for example, when i bend over, it almost feels like a muscle spasm. a few months ago i developed more pain more to left side sort of under the stomach again comes and goes and burns occasionally and sometimes mimics a spasm. had ultrasound to check for gallstones which was clear and the ultrasound didnt show anything else. im also having bowel issues with painful bowel movements during my period especially and often fairly loose stools. pretty certain i also have hemorrhoids.

im just wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms. im currently waiting for a gastro appointment. the pains seem very random but i feel them more pronounced during my period and before & after which makes me think it may be endo related. im also currently taking the mini pill but it hasnt really done anything for these types of pains

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Hi, my pain and experience is the same apart from I have it in my back. I have the back pain for 3 weeks of the month, it is agony. Spasms randomly and the burning sensation where I can’t even touch the skin. This is now spreading down my legs. My lapro is in March, I have nothing diagnosed yet. My scans show that I have thickening of the endometrium and a growth they are going to investigate.

I feel so low, I can’t believe this is my life now. I am 33 and my partner and I had just started looking at fertility treatment as we are in a same sex relationship. This is when the problems started.

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