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Currently having what I think is a period. Since getting the coil put in in September they’ve been all over the place my last period was the end of November. The past few days I’ve been getting a bit of pain but today the pain is so bad and I’m bleeding brown blood. I really don’t want to go to A&e as I know they will probably do nothing. Don’t really know what to do. I’ve taken diclofenac which hasn’t made a difference and I haven’t even bothered taking paracetamol because that never makes a difference in my pain. I’ve been in bed for two days now 😩😩😩

2 Replies
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Sorry to hear this. Brown blood can be nothing to worry about, its means its older, ive had a lot of this while using using different types of contraceptives for period management.

The pain however doesn't sound normal, probably a good idea to get checked for piece of mind and possibly some help.

Did you know that you know that the womens ward will probably have thier own A&E. You could pop into that instead of the main one, gyni a&e.

Hope it gets sorted quickly xx

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It’s definitely a period the blood is bright red now with quite a lot of clothes which explains my pain. I didn’t end up going to A&e and the pain hasn’t been too bad throughout today but it’s getting worse again tonight (always seems to be worse of a nighttime). Just in bed with my hot water bottle waiting for it to go 😩 xx

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