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Post failed IVF/OHSS period with endometriosis - excruciating pain

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I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.

A couple of days after my egg transfer I was admitted to the hospital with moderate-severe OHSS. I had my test date for this Friday and it was negative, confirmed by a beta hCG. My period also started on Friday (had some light bleeding/spotting on Thursday night) so looked like I’d come to the end of my first attempt at IVF.

I expected my period to be painful - I have endometriosis, my ovaries had swollen up 5 times their size with the OHSS, and I’d just completed a long protocol of IVF. But the pain was excruciating and on one side only, and so again I ended up in A&E and was kept in for observation in case it was a twisted ovary. I’ve been discharged with out-pt follow up as the likelihood of it being twisted isn’t very strong now.

My worry is, I’m in bearable pain if I’m lying down or sitting propped up. I’m ok to walk for maybe 5 mins, and then the pain is back - still on the one side, a stabbing, twisting, burning, cramping relentless pain. The hospital have sent me with oral morph so I can manage the pain at home but I want to avoid taking it unless I absolutely need to, so I’m sticking to paracetamol. What could be causing this? I’m not being scanned until later this week and my bloods are coming back in the right direction. I’ve gone from being perfectly mobile to being unable to move much and I’m half terrified this could be permanent- more endo damage caused by the IVF hormones/OHSS.

If anyone has been through this I’d really appreciate hearing from you.

2 Replies
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hi. How are you doing? Has the pain started to improve? It was clomid that put me in hospital, the misdiagnosed cyst ruptured and it resulted in me being very poorly. Have you been in touch with the ivf clinic? Xx

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Bluetop1981 in reply to Tillyfloss

Sorry! I’m just seeing this. The pain improved thankfully. At one point I was wondering if this would be my new permanent state of affairs and that was horrifying.

My IVF clinic thinks it is a ruptured cyst that caused the pain. I was scanned too late to be able to tell. Either way, the pain is gone now :)

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