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Referral to multiple surgeons?

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Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and about to have a wonderful holiday.

I got a letter on Friday from the hospital, stating that I had been placed on the wait list for general surgery, I’ve been on the wait list to see a gyne specialist since August, so naturally I hit the roof. I have to say the poor women on the phone who dealt with me was wonderful because I was pretty much in tears, however, it turns out I’m still on the gyne list for an initial apointment, and I’ve got another 20+ weeks at least to wait (which is not what I wanted to hear, I mean, who has a wait list for urgent appointments that is over a year long?) However, I’ve also been put onto the wait list to see a colo-rectal surgeon, at the request of gyne. The hospital is a BSGE accredited center, and both the colo-rectal and gyne surgeon are part of the endo center. I’m guessing from the referral my GP must have written she properly detailed my symptoms (I have insane IBS like symptoms and bleed from behind during my period). Has anyone got any tips or experience dealing with colo-rectal people, it’s not somewhere I expected to end up, but I suppose if I’m down to see two surgeons already they’re making the assumption it’s going to be surgery?

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Hi- I have no tips but I’m in same boat although my symptoms r not as bad as urs.

I hav an appt to see colorectal surgeon in jan and then I’m hoping to hav my op feb/March. I suppose just ask any questions- recovery time? How they intend to treat endo etc

Hope ure not waiting too long.

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