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I feel like I’m letting my partner down

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I have changed a few things in my life to try and ease the pain and exhaustion caused by bullshit endo. I’ve been eating a healthier diet with may more fruit and veg, cutting out he amount of carbs and not eating dairy as I was a little sensitive to it anyway. The diet change seemed to help some of the pain, especially with the endo near my bowel BUT there’s still a great deal of discomfort which is bugging me.

I’m going for an ultrasound tomorrow and am nervous. I’m always nervous they will say it’s gotten worse as I’m taking the “carefully watch, wait and see” route. My partner is supportive with my pain but keeps talking about our future and his plans for two or three children. The ways it’s looking, this may not be a possibility unless with adoption etc. I drop in the dream crushing “I may not be able to give you your dream” comments sometimes but he’s an optimist even in the face of rubbish odds. I just can’t bare to be he one who breaks his heart on this matter.

I am desperately hoping they will say all is okay tomorrow but just can’t shake the feeling you know?

On top of this, I hardly feel great in my body now, all the poking and prodding recently has made me feel strange and unconfident. A mix of things, I know but any advice?

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Hi, I understand how you feel and I’m really sorry about everything. I hope you get good news x

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