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Help get menstrual well-being taught in school


Hey everyone,

Please help endometriosis UK get more signatures to get menstrual well-being taught in schools!

As a teen who suffers with endometriosis, I always wished to have more information and for periods not to be treated as a taboo subject or something to be embarrassed about. I was always shy to talk about it or even go to the doctors for help but after dozens of appointments with doctors and gynaecologists, I finally had surgery this year to treat endometriosis after years of pain. We are constantly told it’s normal to have severe pain when it’s not.

By signing this petition, you will be helping millions of girls in schools to feel like they can talk about periods and not to feel ashamed in any way. 🎗

The link can be found on their social media or on the website.

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I agree and even find that amongst my female friends, gynae issues are not really talked about x

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