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Post Lap


Hello, I had a second laparoscopy on Monday and due to complications with anaesthesia and bowels I was kept in hospital for 5 days. I was pretty emotional whilst in there and absolutely sobbed my heart out whilst attempting my first post op shower.

Now I’m home I’ve not stopped crying (can’t really say why.

I’ve got bleeding too and am wondering if that’s normal a week on......there’s a little bit more now than initially.

If anyone else is going through this or has answers please get in touch xx

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Hi there. I had my first lap last year, and I bled for about 15 days afterwards. This was expected for me because my periods usually last about 19 days anyway, but I think it’s normal. If you’re worried, I’d recommend either ringing your GP, or even 111 maybe? Hope all is okay for you and always here if you want to DM me :) x

V-Austin in reply to emcoll

Thank you so much for your reply- I called 111 and just have to call them back if it gets worse as my abdomen has gotten bigger in the last few hours, just a bit of a wreck after all this. I’m sure it will pass xx thank you

emcoll in reply to V-Austin

No problem. I've called them plenty of times with issues like this, and always find them helpful. I find hot water bottles, heat pads, or even sometimes just putting a pillow on my stomach and then curling up helps. I'm currently in bed with a hot water bottle and comfy clothes. Hope all goes well for you, it should pass! Mine did eventually, I know it feels like forever but it will happen! All the best xx

V-Austin in reply to emcoll

Thank you 💛💛

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