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Possibly TMI (sex, relationship & symptoms)


Hello all

Hope you’re all well.

Like usual I’ll get straight to the point.

Me and my fiancé have a really good relationship but each have our own struggles and tend to be a bit up and down individually/personally. We support each other, help each other when it comes to the house and our 3 children as best we can and really try to maintain a good intimacy and sex life so we can feel good about ourselves and each other.

Unfortunately my man is a bit depressed at the moment I’m trying to support him by taking over a bit at home so he can sort a few things out and take a bit of time to himself (he rarely puts himself first), it’s half term, I’ve started a new job and am already doing extra to help cover shifts, I help friends a lot (they help me no end too)...

Anyway.. amongst all this we’ve been having great sex.. but since 3 good rounds in 4-5 days 😊😚😛😋😂 I’ve been in agony 😩. My stomach aches, My bowel symptoms seem worse (there was definitely no anal involved I assure you), my pelvis feels tight, my lump hurts, my hip and lower back are throbbing most the time again..

Surely this isn’t all from sex.. I’m not diagnosed officially, got a pre op date for laparoscopy and laparotomy (removal of ?granuloma ?cesarean Endometrioma ?horrible lump!

The surgeon I met was really only interested in the lump and I’m so scared he’s not going to look properly.

I feel like there is so much going on in my body/pelvis and life at the moment, I want answers, I want to know what is happening and what I can do about it.

This post is a massive ramble as I feel like I’m just about holding things together.

☝🏻 that’s all the stuff I’m thinking about and needed if off my chest.

Any advice in any area much appreciated

I’m not all doom and gloom, I’m doing it. I’m holding it down, my kids are alive and mostly smiling 🤣

Thanks for reading xx

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Weldone for hanging on and supporting your guy like he does with you!Hope everything works out for you both,and that you find more answers.I do want to add that just from my own experience this could be related to the suspected Endometrioma or another type of cyst?When you get sudden pain during or after sex it can point to an enlarged cyst or a cyst that’s grown in size,this discomfort can last for days after penetration.It is known to cause more pain bcus their located closer to the cervix.Some cysts when they grow can fall behind the uterus and in that case they are sitting right by your cervix.But both functional or pathological cysts can cause pain like this plus they can leak or hemorhrage.The ovary can also be stuck so there’s quite a few reasons to why this happens.One of the other symptoms is bowel changes like more pressure on the bowels,tender,pain passing,heaviness in the pelvis,bloat or swelling etc Hope this info helps.Keep strong,your kids are lucky to have such a strong mum 👍🏻 Good luck with your op and I wish you all the best with finding out what this lump is.All the best!

vmagpie in reply to ber_dock

Thanks ber_dock, I wanted to message you regarding your last response and I will.

Just got a break between shifts so going to take a nap whilst the family visiting grandparents.

I have had pain after sex like this before but not as bad or for so long, I’m around the time I should be on my period.. haven’t bled for months as have the coil but this time had spotting so maybe something did rupture or aggravated something.

Thanks for your reply and info

Hope you’re ok xxx

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