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IUS and endo



I realised I had endo about a month after having my IUS fitted. The fitting and week after was excruciating, but I assumed that was all normsl as i haven't had children. I suddenly started having painful sex about a month later and after refusing the laparoscopy because i don't want to get in the habit of having surgery every year or two, this has now been going on for 18 months and getting worse atm.

Does anyone else have experience of endo getting worse or discovering you have endo after getting IUS fitted?

Thanks x

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Hey, the copper coil itself can cause abdominal pain. I think you should get it checked to see if its in the right place by a doctor as this could be why you are getting pain with sex. Did you have any symptoms before the coil to make you think you have endometriosis?

emilylpt in reply to Hazel173

Thanks for your reply! No i didn't have much if any pain before the coil was placed. I had long and heavy periods but this was helped by the pill and my pain was quite normal. I have the mirena hormonal coil, so maybe that doesn't cause painful cramps. My ultrasound last year (after I reported painful sex) showed my coil to be in the correct place, but an ovary was attached to my uterus. I have a doctors app today, but they never seem to shed might light, they just seem keen on surgery. Thanks for your help!

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