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Pouch of Douglas endo - bowel symptoms?


Hi can anyone advise what sort of bowel symptoms you get with endo in POD?

I had a lap two years ago and endo was lasered from utero sacral ligaments and pouch of Douglas. I wasn’t told what stage this was and left to get on with it. I felt better than I had in years so just carried on as normal. However now I have constant low down period pain in the right side groin along with backache around my hip joint. I’m suffering permanent constipation which I’ve always had but seems to be getting worse. I had a recent internal scan and they couldn’t see anything on ovaries or ligaments but I assume it’s probably back. I’ve a consultant appt in two weeks but I’ve had this pain for four weeks now and it’s really getting me down. I’ve had to ring in sick to work as I’m so exhausted - thankfully they are understanding but I hate being at the mercy of this condition!! I can’t stop worrying it’s something more serious and the wait isn’t helping. I was really nervous before my first lap but if they offered me one tomorrow I’d be there! Any advice to get my positive mojo back gratefully received!!

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I had constipation most of the time and then diarrhea just before and during my period, I also got awful shooting/stabbing pains up my bum x

Lou_EndoUkModerator in reply to lizzyxx

agreed bouts of both diarrhea and constipation. I had awful pains in my stomach when going to the toilet or if i needed to go and didn't go immediately i would barely be able to walk with the pain.

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