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Advice on symptoms undiagnosed!

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So over the past couple of years my periods have been getting worse no flooding as such but it’s like my lining just comes out in three to four massive clots I have excruciating plan before they pass so I know when it’s coming but this most recent couple of months have suffered from ibs type symptoms along side a constant dull ache in my lower back most days not to mention the constant state of tiredness. Doctor has sent me for a a internal ultrasound next month and I’ve had a blood test which came up fine and an up to date smear which I am waiting on results myself and my mum are starting to feel like this is very likely to be endometriosis I know this is hard to get diagnosed and people have to really push to get what they need from gps to get a diagnosis one way or the other but I’m just looking for some general advice how to help ease symptoms what to expect from my scan etc as I’ve never had to deal with somthing like this before and the constant fatigue aches and pains are starting to really get to me and I would really like to know what it is now!

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You should also get checked for Adenomyosis too which is diagnosed via MRI scan. I am getting a diagnostic laparoscopy as an ultrasound showed up nothing. My bowels can be really bad during period time too and the less up to it. I had an internal scan by a gynaecologist and it’s not as bad as what you think, they will explain to you what they see on the screen and then tell you what the next steps are. I would say if you are in pain and it’s uncomfortable then let them know as that can be an indication that something isn’t right. I am getting a general anaesthetic to look at my womb as on the day this would have been impossible for me to do without being in horrendous pain. Hope you get some answers soon and I guess it’s about finding a GP who is supportive and taking you seriously x

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