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What are your symptoms and how frequently do you experience them?


I thought it would be interesting to discuss what our symptoms are & how frequently we experience them. There seems to be a lot of variation in endometriosis symptoms & it might also be helpful to see that others have the same issues!

My worst symptom is stomach/bowel issues. Very sore, bloated stomach and IBS type cramping and frequent need to use the loo. I thought it was IBS for years until I tried Zoladex and that symptom dissipated! At the moment I'm in a bad flare & am having this symptom month round. I last had surgery 5 years ago.

I also get terrible menstrual cramps throughout my period.

Whilst I've been in this bad flare I've also been very fatigued.

Just to top off this really positive post (hah!) I also have issues with anxiety, and sometimes depression which from what I've read seems to be fairly common with endometriosis.

How about you ladies?


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Fatigue and brain fog are by far my worst symptoms, and I have never noticed a pattern of occurrence, which is super annoying when trying to make plans! x

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