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Cramping and pelvic pain after sex

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Hi there. This is my first post on here.

I had a diagnostic lap which confirmed endo a couple of years back.

I usually get some discomfort during sex which is something I have gotten used to now but recently I have been experiencing severe cramps for days afterwards very similar to period pain. Has anyone else experienced this and do you have any suggestions how to ease the pain? I’m wondering if it is just normal for endo sufferers or if it could be caused by something else.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hey, I got this after sex a lot and would last a few days. I was diagnosed with endo a few months back.

I couldn’t find total relief but I used a hot water bottle afterwards which helped slightly xx


The discomfort and cramps is usually endo especially if you've been diagnosed. It depends where the endo is as to where and how deep the pain is, obviously it can all just hurt. It can also be the adhesions and scar tissue that causes pain.

I'm not sure how to ease it though :( Probably hot water bottles, I've heard some women say they predose with ibuprofen if they know it's going to hurt so that after it doesn't feel as bad. You can take paracetamol and ibuprofen at the same time as they are different drug classes so that can help with the pain after too.

I had deep pain during and after sex and stabbing pains with a little bleeding during sex. The docs first diagnosed cervical ectropion (sensitive cells further up the cervix appear at the base thus causing pain and spotting) - that eased part of the pain. I had my endo excised and after a few months of recovery that pain has pretty much gone - obviously had other endo symptoms as well that also made me choose to have my endo removed.

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