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I'm new here, I'd like to hear your advice in my journey to discover if I have Endo or PCOS or is it all just stress related?!


Hey, I'm still in my early 20s I would like to hear from you all about your opinions about my issue.

I tend to have bad abdominal and back pain about 10 days before my period and then during my period, it is very painful to the point where I have to have warm bags on my stomach and lie in bed for two days or so. I get lots of clotty clumps and heavy periods, also constipation tends to appear regularly during my period. The abdominal pain continues a couple of days after my period too. I have tried to seek medical attention but all results/ scans appear within normal range. I have developed bald like hair loss and acne too. My GP tells me to take the pill even though I'm still not married yet. I guess at this point, I want to see what you ladies would like to advise me? should I just start the pill or should I seek further research in the matter?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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If you have an issue it will be more likely endometriosis because pcos doesn’t cause pain

Endometriosis affects everyone differently

For me the pain makes me disabled and heating pad alot of time does not work

I have pain when i go to the toilet for pooping or peeing

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