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in agony, after stopping zoladex treatment


I've written before, ive got endo, but was getting high fevers and severe pelvic pain and bleeding. Gyno said it was unheard of to have fevers with endo, but said to try zoladex and if that worked it would prove it was my endo. The injfections did stop all the pain and everything was great from pelvic point of view. Then I stopped the injections about 7 weeks ago, and this last week I have been getting insane pain. Yesterday it just came on suddenly, thought I was going to have to call an ambulance or collapse and die. Had some spare oxycodone which helped take the edge of so I could move! today the pains really bad again and really struggled at work, just feel like im going to collapse with it. I dont know what to do, in seeing gynae end of next week which cant come soon enough :( they said if the injections helped theyd do surgery, but then I dont know how long the wait is and how I'm meant to wait for something to fix this, if they can fix it!

although wondering if they could put a coil in while they do the surgery

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