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My journey


Hey all

I am bobbie and I'm 28 years old. I was diagnosed with endo, nearly 6 years ago. I managed to have two beautiful children before I got diagnosed with this horrible disease that I have to live with day in day out. My diagnosis i believe was brought on when I had my second child when the midwife unfortunately didn't remove my placenta properly and that caused scar tissue to form and it attacked my womb my tubes and overies. They said i had ashermans syndrome as first and took weeks and weeks to get to what was wrong with me. The pain was horrendous i thought I was constantly in Labour and i was having contractions. Anyhow, I was then diagnosed with endo. I was broken and couldn't believe this disease attacked my tubes i had to have them removed.. And only way for more children was ivf. Now I am truly greatfull and blessed for my two children i have. But please ladies understasnd, and I hope some of you see my heartache of this, I feel I had my choice and my woman hood taken away from me and Evan though there is woman out there who can't and have not had any children, it's my point of my choice of that was destroyed and I still have a right to be hurt by that. I wanted a big family and I hit depression bad and anxiety and long and beyond i was then diagnosed with bipolar. That alone on its own is a battle. And trust me when I have an episode and I'm stressed and down that triggers my endo. My heart goes out to everyone out there who shares my disease , my fiance and our two children are the only ones who has kept me going. My journey is still in going, I hopefull for ivf in the future, but if not successfully due to my sergury when removed my 4 cysts on both overies. A hysterectomy is the only option for me. I feel alone , please share your thoughts and life with me, and thank you for reading my post. Much love xxxx

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