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Hello guys..

So after many years of, severe lower stomach and pelvic pain, bleeding inbetween periods and after sex, pain during sex, trouble concieving and ovarian cysts, the doctor thinks i may have Endometriosis and i have been reffered for a laproscopy.. I'm due on my period i think (they're irregular but im moody as hell right now) and when im on or due i get diarrhea. But the diarrhea I'm experiencing today is accomanied by the worlds worst cramps and a dull back ache. Is this normal with endometriosis? I feel weak with little to no energy and seem to be covered in tiny bruises on my stomach arms and legs? Xx tia x

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Hi Alibali21,

I am sorry to read that you are suffering. We have lot's of information on our website from symptoms, diagnosis to management of endometriosis that you might find a useful read: endometriosis-uk.org/inform...

In addition to the forum we also have our helpline and support groups if you ever need any one to talk to. They are all run by volunteers with experience of endometriosis: endometriosis-uk.org/get-su...

Best Wishes and take care!

M Mary

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