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Fed up


On my way home from work and feel like death. The past few days I’ve just been in agony, pelvic pain going right down my legs. The back ache is just unbelievable. All I want to do is just cry at the fact that there is no cure for this. How are we supposed to live our lives in agony. I rang the pain clinic yesterday to chase up my referral and the doctor is on holiday but I should be getting an appointment soon even though it’s up to a 26 week wait. I just hope he is able to find something which helps me 😩😩😩

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I'm sorry I can't do anything to help you but just know you're not alone xxxx

I've suffered so badly with leg, back and pelvic pain. I actually went to an osteopath who taught me a lot about how all of these areas are intertwined as they are so close together. There can be scar tissue from the endo that can pull on your spine which causes a lot of trauma in the area. I posted on another thread that a really good remedy for pain is to microwave a bowl of uncooked rice, then pour it into a sock and then press on the sore area. It's like a hug in a sock :)

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