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Unsure of endo diagnosis??

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Hi guys,

I had my lap 6 weeks ago where endo was found but other than that I wasn’t given much information at all on whether it was superficial or deep or what grade it was etc. All the surgeon told me (in my post GA grogginess) was that it was pretty extensive and located behind my vagina/ uterus. My main symptom was horrific pain a few hours after having sex and low grade pain most days which was exacerbated lying down. If it was found behind my vagina/ uterus does that mean it was rectal vaginal endo? I just feel very confused by it all! I requested her to put more info in the letter about what she found and did but all it ended up saying was ‘endo treated with excision’ which wasn’t much help! I’ve not got my consultant follow up appt until the end of October so finding it a pain to just wait not knowing. I waited so long for my surgery I’m annoyed to Not understand more about MY condition. It’s so frustrating for someone to withhold that information from me. X

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