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New here! Hey :)


Hey guys. I’m new on here. I got diagnosed with stage 2 endometriosis 2 years ago, I have had 3 laparoscopy’s to burn off the tissue but seems to just come back. Sorry if it’s tmi I wanted to find out if anyone else experiences the symptoms I do, the only way I can describe the pain is like feeling very inflamed in my lower abdomen and like a constant pressure. It hurts when I pass urine and I suffer with increased discharge :/ anyone else the same? Thanks in advance!


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First of all that’s no where near tmi on this page. Everything you have mentioned is exactly what I have. And many other woman on this page. I’m 7 days post op and was found to have stage 3 all over pelvic wall, on my rectum and rectovaginal area. I’m afraid burning of the disease is proving more and more to be a very inadequate treatment. I had it 16 months ago when I had only stage 1 two little areas.. now this! You need to do some research on clinics with proper endometriosis specialist consultants in your area or how far your willing to travel. I live in Brighton and traveled an hour and a half to Portsmouth. Good luck and keep in touch if you need some one to talk too z

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Hi! Thankyou for your reply :) Sorry to heat about your experience! But Thankyou for sharing. I have a private consultant for my endometriosis as wasn’t getting anywhere. He recently prescribed me provera but I don’t really see the point as I don’t have periods anyway. Did you have a laparoscopy? X

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