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I don’t know how much longer I can do this!


Hey ....

I’m currently in bed been awake since 04.15 with horrific pain My pain meds not even budging the pain even 5 ml of morphine not cutting it 😫 waiting patiently for my second lot praying this helps , lying with hot water bottle feeling sorry for myself , it will be a take my hot water bottle to work day as well as my medication! Even worse when you have no sick pay left so have to go into work on a bad pain day is not the best! The joys of stage 4 endometriosis !

My hospital update :

Received a letter from hospital yesterday they have had my MDM meeting with surgeon’s and on waiting list for op however it did say will get me in ASAP they have also inc an appointment with my specialist/surgeon before op they want to speak to me before op goes ahead .. so finger crossed my op is sooner rather than later . I’m a bit worried why they want to see me before op , i thought I would receive my pre op app and then my op app through didn’t expect having to see my specialist.. it’s also at a diff hospital this time.


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