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Bowels endo MRI


Hey all

All my syntomps suggest endo in my bowels,which would make sense cause I was diagnosed with stage 4 pelvic endo. My gynaecologist suggested to get as first step a MRI done. However my GP (UK) is refusing to refer me to an hospital for an MRI, they are saying that GP do not refer patients for an MRI

They want me to get an gastroenterologist appointment to exclude possible IBS and so on...which could take months and then eventually the specialist would refer me for it..other months

Has anybody else been in the same situation and how did they get an MRI done?


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Hi Christina, your gynaecologist should be referring for the Mri if they wanted this course of action.

Your GP can refer for an mri however but it seems if you already have endo then this should be pursued first with a gynaecologist.

There are some gastroenterologists who work alongside gynaecologists so you could ask your GP to refer you only to a centre accredited with a multi disciplinary team but you would be better being referred to a gynae there who can call in a gastro for help not the other way around.

I was fobbed off with IBS for 8 years before I was finally diagnosed with endo, it was all over my bowel and no gastroenterologists ever saw it in 8 years......

I would go back to your original gynae and ask for them to refer for the Mri after all it will be them who would need to see the results. All consultants have secretaries give her a call, explain about the GP.

Best of luck x x

I am concearned that being a private gynacologist I see separately from the NHS, he could just refer me for a privately done MRI, which is very expensive

I will do as you suggested tho,call up his secretary and see if they can do otherwise


weekari in reply to cristinaz

I think your GP is just being difficult. Maybe their nose is out of joint die to you being seen privately? You'll have to wait ages to be referred to a service just for the mri. It seems ridiculous.

With endo affecting the bowel, you should really be seen in a specialist centre though. Your private gynae could refer you to that? Maybe you have reasons for seeing the private gynae but when it comes to the bowel, you're really only wanting the endo specialists advising and treating you.


Hi Cristina,,

Tell the private consultant you can't afford a private mri, does he/she work on NHS as they should be able to transfer you over no problem. I see my consultant privately but he's done some of my treatment privately and some NHS including my hysterectomy and he bumped me up the waiting list! If they are ethical and nice they won't leave you in pain!!

Hope you get them to help xx

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