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Dr recommend hysterectomy. Advice on preparing?


So I saw the consultant today and he said given I am 41 that the best option for my ongoing pain is hysterectomy. Prostap was tried previously and made no difference. Pain is suspected to be adhesions, again, endo, again, and some seems rooted in the ovary I was left with after my last lap.

Feels a bit real! As I am at a private hospital, but though the NHS, I think this won't be too long of a wait so I want to get a prepared as possible. Dr said he won't give HRT immediately as it is best if it can be managed without.

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Ive recently had total laparoscopic hysterectomy and removal of ovaries and Fallopian tubes. My top tips would be to get yourself feeling as well as possible in advance, eat very healthily and exercise (I’m not suggesting you don’t already). If you have to do bowel prep and haven’t done this before then my top tip for this is Chill the solution and put a little cordial in with it, it makes it more palatable.

After the op my biggest issue was going for a poo. It took 4 days which is normal apparently. Prunes & prune juice eventually made the difference. Three weeks post op I’m doing really well. Xxx

PandoraPenguin in reply to Hidden

Does the recovery compare to an endorsement removal lap? Also, are you taking HRT?

I feel that I maybe don't know what I am getting into, much like my first lap.

Have done a bowel prep before for a disastrous barium enema. Horrible fizzy lemon stuff, I spent most of a day in the bathroom.

Hidden in reply to PandoraPenguin

I’ve actually found my recovery easier in some ways than my first lap, I think because I knew what to expect and was able to prepare for how I’d feel.

The main issues I had post op were with using the bathroom. I got very constipated and if it wasn’t for that I think I’d have felt a lot better a lot more quickly.

I’m trying to avoid taking HRT as I’m concerned about reoccurrence of the endo. I’m taking herbal supplements for menopause instead at the moment xxx

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