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Help! Anybody else ever had a painful implantation bleed with Endo?

Hi, long story short:

I have Endo, obviously lol, and me and my Fiancé have been TTC for 2 years now for our Rainbow Baby.

My periods (bleed) are usually 5-7 days and my cycle length is usually 32 days.

This month however, my bleed has only been for 2 days and my cycle length has only been 24 days. The bleed started off light and pink, to brown, to red and slightly heavy for a day, to brown again. No clots, which is unusual for me.

But the pain I've experienced has still been severe which is telling me it was just a dodgy month but that was my period over and done with.

I know I'm just trying to grip onto any bit of hope but if anybody has any success stories, that would be lovely to hear and would be much appreciated!

(I haven't tested yet and wont for another week or so)


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Hi 👋

Can’t offer any advice sadly but I too have endo and have had a strange cycle this month with unusual bleeding mid cycle which I never get.

I hope things are ok and your cycle sorts itself out, fingers crossed all is well

Kelly xx


Appreciate your reply xxx


Hi! I am also TTC so know exactly how you feel!! It obviously could be implantation bleeding but who knows with our crazy bodies 😊 nothing wrong with keeping up the hope though!! Let us know when you test 🤞🤞🤞


Out of luck this month I think 😔 wishing you the best xx


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