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No endo and not so good after care

So I have always had bad cycles and went to my gp when I was young to be told it was all normal. April 2017 I started to get more pain in my pelvic area who I never went away,I have cancelled holiday,stopped going out on outings with friends and family to which now I have no friends anymore because they don’t want to ask me to go out anywhere anymore,I have also been on azalia,cerazette and decapeptyl all this year to help it and it didn’t so they said they’d do a laparoscopy

Laparoscopy was done Thursday gyno was all sympathetic going to surgery this was my first ever surgery and when I got and she came to tell me there was no endo I felt she changed she told the nurse to ‘just give her 3 days of difine that’s all she needs’ when the nurse that was caring for me kept telling her my blood pressure was low she just kept saying that’s ok that’s ok until the nurse made her look at the piece of paper with the numbers on it and said “alright keep her on fluids” 10 mins later another nurse that was with her came in took my iv out and told me I could go just to go to the toilet.i asked for a note for work and she said ‘ok for today and tomorrow yeah’ so I kinda looked at her funny and she left and came back and said ‘ok you have 7 days off you work in childcare’ and she left

I was left to get up on my own knowing I had low blood pressure and was given no after care information about my stitches,I don’t know when I can take the plasters off,when I can shower,when I can bath,do they need to be taken out,Can I go lifting heavy things I no absolutely nothing about what to do

I don’t know if I’m just emotional because they didn’t find anything and I still have to deal with this or that this was the wrong way to be treated I’m back with my gyno in 6 months and I honestly feel like I shouldn’t complain anymore about any pain I could be in because if they don’t find a reason for it this kind of attitude is going to happen again and I can’t deal with that

I don’t know wheather I should send a complaint in or not

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Hi there,

Im so shocked and sorry that you were treated this way. I had my lap 9 days ago an no endo was found however they did find scar tissue around my appendix. (No idea how)

I too was given no aftercare advice an was just left to sort myself out. I had to beg for dressings and painkillers to take home!

I have a follow up appt in 8 weeks from lap date, only then will i find out what actually happened during surgery as consultant couldnt speak to me in recovery as iwas in to much pain.

We should not have to put up with being treated this way but unfortunately it seems alot of women are.

I would put in a complaint to prevent other women are treated this way in the future.

With regards to shower you can shower 1 day after surgery (so iwas told over the phone) if you have water proof dressings on.

I went to my gp nurse to get incisions checked over and cleaned up, change dressings etc she also took the dissolvable stitches out as they just werent dissolving.

I would say no heavy lifting also as they may not have done any work inside you but they still cut you open!

Hope this helps. Feel free to send me a message if you need anything xx


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