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Very large clot

Good afternoon,

Had major surgery August last year for endo. Large recto vaginal nodule removed bowel stitched up, Fallopian tubes removed, endometriosis excised and visceral skin removed. Since the op I have felt amazing and pain free until now. Last 3 days I’ve been in agony the sort of pain that leaves you sweating and feeling like your going to be sick. My tummy is very tender, a little while ago I passed a very large blood clot. I would attach a photo but I’m not sure anybody would want to see it. My husband said it’s not normal and should let me endo nurse know. I’m due to start cerazette this week to see if this helps and shrink any endo that maybe growing but I’ve not got much hope as been there done that had the Agony that goes with it. I’m really upset as I’m running out options now x

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Hey, big hugs xx I had a rv nodule operated last year and it's tough going so I empathize a lot.

Have you been diagnosed with adenomyosis at all (endo in the uterus)?

Or did you pass the clot through the rear passage?

Definitely sounds like a good idea to let the Endo team know.


Through the usual route it passed i remember your under the same surgeons as me im logged in through gmail as no longer have Facebook now so different name same person x

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Hey again xxx yes I remember. Glad the surgery worked for a while, but sad things are kicking off again now for you xx.


It’s been awful last few days I spoke to the endo nurse I’m being started on the mini pill not that I have much hope for it but this clot I passed was a big one and even made my husband feel queasy I might have to call her and see if I can email a photo of it to her xx


Good luck and hope you get some answers. Lovely to meet you again xx


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