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So, brand new to this forum! I’ve had Gynae probs now for about 6 years, well longer but that’s been the worst. My heavy periods and cramps were eased by the pill (vilest) from I was about 14. I was on that for about 12 years despite having migraines 🙄. When my mum was diagnosed with multiple strokes, I immediately came off it. I have tried the implant and Marina coil, and continue to bleed constantly with pain!

Finally about a 9 months ago saw a gynaecologist that listened to me, and accepted that I have tried everything!!! I am getting married this year, and very keen to start family. Am now taking Prostap injections (just finishing my 1st month) for 6 months.

Just wondering if anyone had tried these and if things were better when you stopped??

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Hi Snm30,

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