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Egg Reserve test

Hello ladies,

I'm due to have an egg reserve & fertility test next week and I'm really nervous. I've suddenly got it into my head that I'm going to have very few eggs left and that my fertility has been badly affected by my endo and/or laps, as a close friend had this experience with her endo. She was 25 at the time and had 11 eggs left. I'm only 29 but it's the fear of the unknown that's getting to me. On the flip side though, I know that even if the results are bad, I can plan accordingly and at least I know what my situation is.

Has anyone else had one and can offer any words of wisdom?

Thanks so much xxx

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Hi Nicola,

They won’t tell you how many eggs you have left, and it certainly won’t be as low as 11, I think it’s more likely that they scanned her and found eleven follicles. Even people with low ovarian reserve still have hundreds of eggs left, but they may be poorer quality. You don’t have any need to worry at 29, and even if the results are low it doesn’t mean you won’t have a child. You haven’t said whether you have tried to get pregnant yet or not, but if not then don’t let the test results depress/reassure you too much. Proof is in the pudding, as it were, you need to try to get pregnant to know whether you can!


Hi Lizzie

Thanks so much for your reply - and sorry, I totally meant to write follicles rather than eggs! But yea, she had 11 follicles left and then went on to have IVF which was successful, which is great news.

I'm not trying to get pregnant at the moment but was hoping that the test would give me a bit of insight as to where I'm at at the moment, so that I can make a loose "plan" if you like. As I had a lap in November and had the coil fitted straight away, hopefully I'm as healthy as I can be at the moment, but you just never know when it comes to fertility I suppose! As you say, you just have to try!

Thanks again x

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