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What can I do to get ready for my hysterectomy?


I’m due to have a full hysterectomy at the end of May, I’m very nervous to say the least. Can anyone give me any tips for getting into shape/preparing before this operation so that I have the best chance of it going smoothly and recovering effectively? Anything I should be doing post op to help also, or any essentials to take into hospital? I know that this is one of the best sources for personal experience, so I’m grateful for any advice. Many thanks in advance.

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I don’t have any advice unfortunately but since I have just been told myself I need a hysterectomy I’m interested in what answers you’ll get.

I hope you don’t mind me asking but What’s your reason for having a hysterectomy? Thanks a lot!

gibhadlow in reply to NinjaSch

Not at all. I’ve got a history of Endo going back many years. Laparoscopies, contraceptive pill and zoladex injections kept it at bay for a bit. MRI scan showed problems with growths on ovaries that are benign at the moment. Lots of thickening and scarring due to long term endo and now it’s in the muscles (adenomyosis). Can’t even complete a smear as it is agony. It’s been a long time coming though and I have been happy to try other options along the way. We have waited until I’m well into my 40s, it’s kind of a relief knowing that the decision is made as there’s too many extra growths in there for my liking! Just want to give myself the best chance of success!

NinjaSch in reply to gibhadlow

Sounds like you/they have made the right decision! Maybe look at diets and exercis to stay as healthy and sting as possible before the op? I think alcohol. caus me more pain and i have read about other things i.e. Caffein to avoid. You can check my other post about dietry restrictions to rduce pain and see what suggestions come there?

Best of luck! I might have mine May/June too so will need to think about it and get myself ready too.

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