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Hi I'm new here


After months and months of severe pain which I still have now I have just been told I have endometriosis iv been told I need surgery but that is on hold as for the past 9 months of been having blood tests and my white cell count has been rising on each test which no-one picked up on till just 2 weeks ago (Feb 18) so because of this they won't operate yet as I need to see a blood specialist and have a ct scenes I clearly have more problems; I'm totally at breaking point; the pain is so bad every day pain killers don't help if lost nearly 3 stone in weight; I can't eat or when I do I'm either full very quick or I can't keep it down; I have terrible night sweats and I am now anemic sorry for the depressing story but this is just some of what's wrong with me:(

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I'm so sorry you are going through this 😭 Though my specialist said with endo drastic weight loss shouldnt occur 😮 I've lost over 37lbs I eat enough and never bring it up but I get really bad pain after and feel full quick 😮 With your food side of things its trail and error but some women try the endo diet which is no dairy gluten alcohol red meat and lots of veggies 😮

Loulou1980 in reply to Abi_97

Ty for your reply I'm currently waiting on test for leukaemia too maybe that's to do with weight loss xx

Abi_97 in reply to Loulou1980

That maybe the reason 😮 But you could give the diet a whorl anyway 🤔Xx

Yeah I'll give it a go just hard to eat anything xxx

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