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Awaiting Diagnosis

Hi all. After experiencing worsening symptoms since summer 2017 i went to the doctors and was referred for an internal ultrasound. I saw a specialist on thursday and was told my scan showed a polycystic ovary, a womb lining 8mm thick (i am 34) and a polyp in my womb. I am awaiting Laparoscopy to confirm the diagnosis and remove the polyp.

My symptoms started last summer with pmt that lasted longer and longer together with back and lower abdominal pain. The symptoms worsened in November with irregular bleeding, pain when urinating and bowel motions and severe abdominal bloating (i have been asked several times how far along along I am with pregnancy!) and a dull ache in the tops of my legs.

I have two young children born in Jan 2015 and July 2016 and had no problems conceiving. Has anyone else had such a quick onset of symptoms and had no problems with conceiving?

My doctor has said that if she finds endometrial growths whilst carrying out the laparoscopy that she will remove it unless its too widespread.

Would a hysterectomy stop the spread of tissue to the bowel/bladder areas or is it possible for the problem to get worse if endometrial cells have already spread to these regions?

Any help or advise at this stage would be greatly appreciated.

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Let's see what will they find out on your procedure . They'll go from there as they usually take biopsy . Once they got the result that's the time they'll decide if you needed hysterectomy .

Goodluck and all the best 😊


thank you for your reply. I dont know much about the disease but I have learned so much already from reading these posts x

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