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Fatigue after first laparoscopy

Hi all I’m 23 years old and had my first laparoscopy 17 days ago. Endo found on bowel and pelvic walls and also adenomyosis.

I have felt completely fatigued!! When I wake up from sleeping it feels like I haven’t slept. I have no energy and feel completely drained and shattered. Anyone had a similar experience? Any advice on what I can do to help? Shall I book an appointment with my GP? My post op appointment with my Gynae is in 3 weeks time.

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Was your endo removed during your op?

I think it’s quite normal and nothing necessarily to be too worried about to still be feeling tired at this stage. I think after mine I was still sleeping a lot at night and having long afternoon naps at least for the first couple of weeks. If you’re concerned though definitely speak to your doctor xxx


I think it might be quite normal, your body is healing a lot inside and also has had to work through all the drugs they would have pumped into you when you had the op.

I never nap and after my lap I was having a two hour nap in the morning and then another 3 hour nap in the afternoon and still sleeping all night! I went back to work on Friday and only did a half day but was knackered afterwards! Take it easy and obviously you can always go to GP anyway if you are worrying. I imagine it might be one of those things where you just have to be patient with it x


Hey xx it takes a good three months to heal inside after a lap and it's very normal to be super tired during this time. This article explains the healing process


Eat for healing, drink lots of water and rest up and be gentle with yourself xx

Nutrition can help support healing, among others vitamins a, c, d and zinc are important as well as protein and omega 3. There is a helpful table in this pdf.



I had mine around the same time as you and I am shattered!! I just want to get out and do things but then fall asleep on the sofa or need to sit down more. I'm sleeping until about 10-11 everyday which isn't like me!

Think you just need to rest up 😊 lots of water and lots of lounging about.

Maybe get a good box set to binge??

Best of luck! Xxx

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