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Hi everyone,

I got diagnosed with endometriosis last year when I was 17 and I had Laparoscopy last year, where they found scar tissues and they lasered the cells. I’m now on a contraceptive pill and take mefenamic acid daily. I’m still in pain mostly every day and don’t know what else to do. Do I get another laparoscopy or is there any medicine to take to help with the pain?

Is there anyone that has also been diagnosed and has any advice?

Been 18 I don’t feel like I’m been taken seriously at Doctors!

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Hey there friend. I am really sorry to hear what has been going on. It is awful that this has happened to you. You are so you and... Dear lord you should be at parties and not hospitals. This life is so unfair at times. I am sorry dear this is part of life. I am also very sorry that the doctors haven't shown the respect you deserve. Just give them the befit of the doubt. They deal with a lot of patients all the time...

Chances are that you won't do another laparoscopy. Laparoscopy is mostly diagnostic procedure. For as long as they have found the pathology another one would be unnecessary.

As per pills against the pain, it's better to consult a doctor again. I hope this passes by dear. God bless you!

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First of all I am glad they did the lap and have given you a diagnosis. Do you know what stage of endo you have? It is very possible you will need another lap in the future but I would think they will be hesitant to do another one so soon as each time they do they leave behind scar tissue which can then add its own complications over time. I would suggest you try another form of contraception in the meantime to see if this helps with the pain. I found the marina to be amazing but I know alot of people dont get on with it so maybe try another pill first. Also you say they lasered the endo on the first lap, there is now a better procedure for removing endo where they cut it rather than laser as the laser is believed to just take the 'top off' leaving endo underneath. I am no doc so please don't let this worry you all I would say is go back to your gp first of all to try other pills, then if this still does not help ask to be referred back to endo specialist and discuss all your options with them before deciding on your next move.

I wish you luck and hope you can find a treatment that works for you.


Thank you very much that has been very helpful! And they never told me what stage I am and I don’t know how to find out! But very appreciated


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