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Problems on top of endometriosis

Does anyone have a secondary condition with their endorsement? Like fibromyalgia, celiac’s disease, or any other condition?

I had lap 3 months ago due to my extreme abdominal pain , they found redness around my womb so they burned it. After my lap I was still experiencing bad pains so when to another gyn and he put me on prostap inj for 6 months.

I'm feeling really bad having more muscle pain all over my body , my abdominal pain is unbearable feels like I was running a marathon . Burning sensation, my pain goes so deep that I feel like my bones are melting . Sleepiness and feeling exhausted . Brain fog and this sensitivity to light , sounds even cloths ...

Is it Prstap sides effect that I'm having ?

I'm having s telephone appointment with my GP to discuss this , any suggestions of what I should ask for ?

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Hi szaraszare, I have just replied to your other post about this, so thought I would copy what I wrote earlier and paste it here as well:

This is my personal experience. I was on prostap for 6 months after a lap about 11 years ago, whilst I was on it I did have a low immune system and got shingles. I didn't experience the symptoms you have been having. Since then, I have had 3 other laps and started getting symptoms like yours last year after my most recent one. I am afraid, I found out these symptoms were due to having fibromyalgia. I don't want to worry you unnecessarily but I would consider getting checked out for this alongside other checks including looking at your thyroid levels (I am hypothyroid as well). Fibro is hard to diagnose and a rheumatologist will try to rule out other things first before looking at tender pressure points. Fibro can be triggered by surgery and a change of hormones, I believe it is connected to endo so well worth looking at. Just remember though, everyone is different and it may be a completely different cause to similar symptoms. Hope they find out and you get treated soon. If you do find out it is likely you have fibro, feel free to ask me any questions about it and there's a great forum on here too.

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Hi Szaraszare, I've been on prostap and actually felt the benefit from it however I experienced similar symptoms also which occurred after my second surgery. Doctors told me I have cfs/me after doing some blood tests to rule out other things. However, my pains are more aches and muscle tenderness which matches up with cfs rather than fibro. I hope you get some answers soon! x

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