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Anxiety over symptoms, scared for smear

I have my first smear coming up so I know once this is done I am on the right track to finally getting a diagnosis, I am almost 100% it’s endometriosis, and hopefully everything is ok with my smear so then we move onto a laparoscopy! But I can’t help but over think about what if there is something else wrong with me I’m so scared for my smear and my results even though I know it will help me! Has anyone been through this? Been worried your symptoms where something else before your diagnosis? Any tips on how to calm down and relax? Would be much appreciated

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Most smear tests come back as normal. Try and relax your muscles. Easter says then done but it will help with insertion.


I had a smear come back abnormal, but then they just monitor you a little more closer, lucky it was nothing too abnormal to worry about. I have heard it's quite common for it to be abnormal as the cells can change. there are levels of abnormality- mine was minor. There is no point in worrying about it now, you can't do anything about it by worrying, it will only stress you out and cause more problems for your body- the stress. Just try and deal with things as they come to be factual, I know easier said than done. I've just had my lap surgery, and still seeking answers unfortunately. They didn't find anything which was my worst fear, as not knowing or having a way forward is so frustrating. So I hope you get to a conclusion and some sort of diagnosis for your pain. So try and not worry about it all- move your focus to something else, work, study, yoga, pick up a new hobby, what about knitting :) why not! I find it pretty Therapeutic!


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