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MRI scan on pelvic area

After having a lap and nothing being found, I’m having an MRI on Tuesday 9th to look for adenomyosis and/or endo that was missed.

Since my lap in Nov, I haven’t felt the worst pains I’d been having. I’ve began to think it’s gone away 🤷🏻‍♀️ or have I just got used to it now after over a year of it.

Any way MRI is happening and then I will get results 10 days after.

I’m not worried about the machine, il take a cd.

I’ve not been told I need any gels or dyes, but I know they are used sometimes.

Has anyone been in the same boat as me and had good answers as to why they are in pain, presented from the mri result?

Did the MRI show something up that the laparoscopy didn’t find?

Thank you for any experiences with this x

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I’ve had the same twice! Sometimes I think they use the dye so they can see if it’s in the bowel etc although I’m not entirely sure though! I often think it’s just to cover their own back to make sure they’ve checked every possible outcome...


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