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Does your pain spread/move?

Hi ladies,

Usually my pain is focussed on my right side. It’s constant, but gets worse and much sharper a couple of times a day. It also often spreads down into my right thigh, round into my lower back a little and across my front so it’s hitting the centre of me. But lately I’ve also been starting to get the sharp pains on my left too and it’s becoming more frequent, with my left thigh also now starting to get a bit sore at time when it’s happening.

Does anyone else find that their pain gradually spreads? I just feel like that whole section of my body is like one big mess 😣. I haven’t actually been diagnosed with Endo yet, but did have a load of scar tissue and adhesions removed in June last year. My new gynae consultant still thinks Endo could be there and has been missed previously and that the continued pain in my right could be either Endo or the adhesions reforming. Hoping this doesn’t also mean it could now be forming on my left side too? x

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Hi Dee11,

I have that same pain. A month ago it was so bad that I thought I had appendicitis. But that wasn’t the case. Then the next following day the pain was then on my left pelvic area. I have always had the right pelvic pain. But now I too have noticed it going to my lower back and down my thigh. Last night the pain went all down my leg. Very painful. I’m having and lap/hysterectomy this month. My GYN suspect that I may have Endo. I just hope it’s not severe. I hope you get some relief from your pain.


They thought it was my appendix at first too, I think they panicked a little until they heard my history and realised it’s actually just pelvic pain. I’m just not liking that it’s spreading - that was my safe side that I’d use for people to bump into rather than my right, think I’ll need to be walking out with a hula hoop round me now 😣 x

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