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Is this Endometriosis, really need advice

Hello all,

This is all new to me and really need some advice and help.

My name is Elizabeth and I'm 34, I have two boys 8 and 4. My boys were conceived without any problems but I did have sections with both.

The next bit is where I really really need help as I'm getting extremely down.......

I had been on the combined pill since i was 17 but came off to have my children with no problems whatsoever. Early this year I noticed getting period like pains more throughout my cycles so decided in the middle of August to come off the pill thinking this was the issue. As the weeks passed this pain increased to the point it was constant. At this point I booked a doctors appointment but never got to it as I ended up in A&E. They gave me pain relief and told me to get referred to gynaecologist. Next day went to doctors who wanted to do urine, bloods, swabs and scan first before referring me. Urine came back as possible uti and given antibiotics. Now I presumed this was all it was but the pain continued after I was showing I was free from any infection. Bloods and swabs came back ok too. Again I ended up in A&E in agony not knowing what was going on. Since all this I've had numerous blood and urine tests and also an ultrasound. The ultrasound is to be done again as my lining was so thick. One of the doctors I saw suggested I go back on the pill which although reduced the pain it also stopped my period from coming which in turn has made my lining extremely thick.

Doctor I saw yesterday is running a coeliac test as I'm so bloated and uncomfortable and also an ultrasound of my kidneys, liver etc to rule anything out there. I have these funny movement sensations which I can only describe as like a fluttering in lower pelvis region and I have severe leg, hip and back pain to the point I can not sleep.

I am desperate for some advice on all of this as I'm worried its more serious. My life has come to a standstill and it's effecting my family too.

Sorry for the length of my post, felt I need to give the best information I could.

Many thanks for any replies received x

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