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Endo affecting immunity


Just wondering, I know that during ovulation your immune system is weaker, but has anyone found that having endo also makes your immune system....crap!! I have the mirena coil and until recently hadn't had a period. I'm constantly getting flu, colds and viruses. I'm known as the 'sicky person' amongst friends and colleagues. I'm wondering if their is any connection between my Endo and my inability to fight off germs and bugs!!


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Yeah I'm the same. Since my lap at the beginning of the year I've had wound infection, recurrent UTIs and throat infections, barely been off antibiotics for longer than a month at a time. I tried to come off them and let my body fight it and ended up septic. I've tried as many vitamins and herbal teas as I can stomach but they make no difference.

I think my body is just so busy dealing with all the inflammation and other symptoms from the endo and post surgery healing that it fails to fight off bugs normally wouldn't bother me.

Not sure what the solution is tbh! X


Yes I think so - I never used to get anything these last couple of months I've had cold, viruses and sinusitis!!


Endo is an auto immune system disease so it makes sense. I've been taking probiotics to help as 80% of your immune system is in your gut apparently.


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