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Stages of endometriosis?

Hey so I've noticed some of you use a stage (1, 2 etc) to say how severe you endometriosis was, how did you find out about that? Were you told by your specialist?

I haven't been given a stage, I was just told it was severe and there was a significant amount around the bladder, uterus and bowel and was sticking organs together. There wasn't any that penetrated full thickness and most apart from the bowel was excised (needs to be done separately).

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I think they use it based on how many places it has been found. If its just on ovaries its stage 1, if on ovaries and bowels its stage 2 etc. If its on 4 or more places its stage 4. I might be wrong because I did google it a few years ago. Sounds like you have stage 4



Staging numbers is an American system and not systematically used in the UK. If you've been classed as "severe" by a UK surgeon it is equivalent to stage 3 or stage 4.





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