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Newbie - waiting for laparoscopy


As the title points out, I'm fairly new to here. I've been reading posts and finding it really useful to see I'm not alone. My symptoms have been gradually getting worse and worse over the last two years. I've been diagnosed with IBS, but there were too many other things going on that I was certain there was more to it. In April I missed a period and started experiencing horrendous cramps. After two visits to a&e they finally scanned me and found a 5cm cyst on my left ovary and was told I need to be seen again in 4 months. After many trips to the gp in pain and feeling really low, I was just told to wait as I'm already under the gynaecologist and need to wait the 4 months, however I was offered antidepressants for the pain, which I declined!

September comes around and still no appointment, I finally get through to the hospital and there's no record of me under their care and have to start from square one! Back to the gp to refer me and after first appointment being cancelled I finally saw a gynaecologist today.

I'd downloaded a symptom sheet checklist/survey from endometriosis U.K. and took this along. He basically turned round and said the only symptom I have that could possibly be endo was pain on my left side. Everything else (lower back pain, pain when urinating, pain when emptying bowels, mood swings, extremely heavy periods, spotting throughout the month, bloating, missed periods, ovarian cysts, just to name a few) was not linked at all to endo apparently?!!!

He suggested I take the pill - currently not on any contraception and come back if that doesn't help.

To which I just broke down in tears. I feel like I've been fobbed off time and time again and just want someone to go in and have a look! I'm certain that my bowel/bladder/womb are fused in some way.

Anyway he eventually agreed and signed off the consent forms, so now I'm waiting for a date. I've been upset all day, and cried at work when asked if ok, because I'm just so fed up of being treated like I'm making it all up? Why would I?

So yeah - sorry for the huge essay, figured if I offloaded here, you ladies would understand. Xx

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Hi honey..I understand you completely...I have been diagnosed with endo on february...had laparoscopy for a cyst and for endo found on my bladder and in my abdo aswell...it was a very bad endo...I suffered from pain since many years..and I m still suffering from so much pain unfortunately...I have to try now the pill to stop my monthly bleeding..it s a long battle....I had to fight to let me be heard by the doctors....so..I understand you completely...at the beginning I felt stupid because nobody was understanding me..nobody was believing in me...so I have hidden my pain for so long time....I suffered alone for so long time...because there was no evidence of nothing wrong to the eye of the other people...doctors aswell...and i think this is the worst feeling i have ever had in my life....I know that I m suffering a bit of depression aswell due to this disease...but I m strong and I m not giving up and being in here..listening to you and to many other women is giving me more strenght and confidence...The advice that I want to give you is to carry on fighting to let the doctors hearing you...don t give up...you are the only one that really know your body...the only one that can really listen to your body...if you re not happy or confident with a gynae...just go and find another one...believe me...and believe in yourself...don t let the people put you down just because they don t know what does it mean having endo...fight for yourself.... I m here anytime..as many other of us...xxx

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