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Cysts found, but no treatment required, is this normal?

I am a little confused/concerned and was wondering if anyone could give advice/guidance.

I was referred to local hospital about 3 months ago due to bleeding between periods and a scan found that I have a cyst on both ovaries (1.7 cm and 3.8 cm). I was told this indicated endo by the person doing the scan who booked me in for a second scan 2 months later. I´d not really heard of endo before, but I´ve always had very heavy periods. I dont have much pain with my periods at the moment but they were extremely painful for a short period of time three years ago so it all seemed to fit.

A few weeks later I attended an appointment with a gynecologist who stated that she didnt think any treatment would be required in this case, as the bleeding between periods had now stopped, but they would assess after second scan.

It has now been three weeks since my second scan (where the cysts were still present) and I have heard nothing back.

So I have a few questions:

Firstly, I am curious if it normal to not have any treatment after cysts have been found. Do they need to be a certain size before a lap is considered?

Also we had just started ttc and I assume the cysts will have a detrimental effect, so should i be pushing to get them removed to give us the best chance possible?

If the gynecologist doesnt want to provide any treatment is it possible to go back to the gp and ask for a second opinion?

Would appreciate any help/advice.

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If you still haven't heard anything about the scan then I'd go back to the gp to find out what's going on, as I'm guessing you'll still the same symptoms, and maybe the gp can give you basic answers to your questions to put your mind at rest.

Iv had to push my gp to do a lot of things, so if your not happy with what's happened then keep pushing as it's your life it's effecting not there's xx


I was recently told by my GP having had a 6cm cyst found on each ovary that a referral is recommended under guidelines for 5cm and above. However, 4 years or so ago I had one measuring 8cm on just my left ovary and was told that due to my age (I was 24 at the time) that any treatment would be futile to my fertility and it would be best to go back on the combined pill back to back for a while with the hope it would flush out naturally.

I never pushed for a second opinion or treatment but you will know in yourself if your symptoms are worth pursuing help, I will say that I wish I had years ago. Living with the symptoms and side effects can be horrid at times. I also recently changed GP practice and this is the furthest I have got with accessing treatment. They have been nothing short of amazing, contacting me with results and advising of what they are referring me for and why. I always thought my old GP needed prompting, however when you have a good advocate for your care they require very little from you, and give a lot in return.

Hope you get the outcome you’re wanting x


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