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Link between Endo and CFS/ME

Hi lovelies,

I wonder if there is a link between Endo and chronic fatigue syndrome or even ME? I know we all complain of brain fog and extreme tiredness but I the experiences I have had over the last few years have been incredible. Yesterday for example, I could barely do anything I was so tired and incredibly cold and very low, looking to my husband for constant encouragement, saying sorry for not feeling well! I didn't sleep through the night but that's usual, when I woke up although I was still tired (I never wake up feeling fresh) I felt fairly OK. Whatever OK is when you have stage 4 Endo. Anyway, I spent the morning doing some DIY in the garden, only a couple of hours and now I feel completely drained again. my brain fog is back, headache, I can't concentrate on anything, and I know it might sound stupid, but soooo clumsy!

I know CFS is really hard to diagnose and with everything else, I don't want to waste the doctors time.

Could it just be Endo?

Thanks X

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I get the same along with joint and muscle pain. I feel like I have the flu - I just want to curl up in bed and have problems doing anything. It is cyclical ( during af and ovulation ) so I put it down to the endo although I do sometimes wonder if the drs would give it another name.

My gynaecologist certainly seems to include it as part of my endometriosis.

Good luck. X x


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