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Is it true?

so I went back to my GP last wed, on the advice of the Osteopath who is treating me for my lower back pain. I explained all of my symptoms and that I would like to be ref back to gene.

This was her response, some people get easy periods, some get bad ones, you just get really bad ones. There no point ref you back you went 18 months ago and they did scans and an internal and everything was fine. they didn't feel the need to look any further so that wont change ( I explained my symptoms have got worse, this didn't matter).

She then continued to say that the only other thing the hospital would do was a lap but this isn't useful because it just tells us what it is and doesn't treat it. To which I replied if they do find Endo wont they try to remove it, she said yes but it will come back the next month and the incision's they do for Lap will make Endo worse and you probably already have adhesions due to C-section so its pointless.

She hasn't confirmed if she feels its Endo, in fact she was very cagey about that but gave me some tablets to take when my period starts to reduce bleeding and pain.

I came away so deflated and sat in the car and just cried.

so what now xx

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She's talking rubbish go see another gp or if you can pay to see a consultant that works on nhs as well as private. Yes it's possible to have adhesions from c section. Look up serrapeptase that will help you rid of them (long as your not taking blood thinking meds) it's possible if endo gets treated it will grow back but there is definitely a point for a lap to see what's making your pain worse and to potentially treat you. Don't listen she just seems reluctant to refer you. When was your last c section? Also if you do have more surgeries and you do start taking serrapeptase once you've had surgery take it after and it will help you heal faster and stop scar tissue from forming. I had a csection and my tubes got blocked from it ovulation pain was horrific they said go me it would cost thousands to get pregnant or ectopic. I proved them wrong just by taking serrapeptase I cleared my tubes and hopefully that big band they wouldn't touch. Unfortunately iv just lost my bubz stopped growing at 6 weeks just waiting to miscarry but still got pregnant. Don't give up always do your own research and push hun for what you need. I diagnosed my self last year got my lap I'm Feb the Dr initially rolled her eyes I rolled them right back when I got my diagnosis. We know our bodies better than anyone. 💗🤗😘 here if you want to chat hun xx


Thank you so much for replying. I am so so sorry to hear what you are going through and I'm sending all my love your way!!

When I was sat there hearing what she was saying I was thinking what the hell. Why would they do Laps if it didn't help. I was so taken aback by her response.

I have to go back and see her after I have had a blood test and I am going to take some research with me and ask her to explain her opinions in more detail and hopefully get a ref from her.

It so frustrating reading everyone post about how they have to fight to get understanding and treatment. All I want is to know and understand what is going on with my body.

Clearly you have been on one hell of a journey, thanks for replying xx

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p.s my C-sections where over 9 years ago and I will look up serrapeptase, thank you xx

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Ok hun. Trust me it will work may just take longer but will help.

Thanks hun iv just got to keep on trying hopefully will happen one, day. We've, been blessed with a daughter who is 4 just want a sibling for her.

Yes do go with research and explain to her women, are always fighting with their drs and it isn't fair. Drs should be supporting us not dismissing us.

Keep pushing hun if you get nowhere with her go to another in your surgery. Wish you all the best hun.💗🤗😘


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