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New here, telling my story and some questions

Hello everyone:)

I’m new here and just felt like telling my story and asking some things:)

2 years ago I started to have a lot of pain on the left side, sex started to hurt, also gas and i was screaming during number twos on the toilet and my menstruation pain was out of this world, they found out I had a chocolate cyst the size of around a tennis ball on my left ovary and because of that they said I had endometriosis I had a surgery removing it and they recommended me to start on the pill and only have 1 stop week every 3 month( they said getting pregnant wouldn’t be a problem but I think my gyn at that time didn’t have a clue about endometriosis as I never got any explanation and had to find out everything online). Since then my pain during sex disappeared but still had (a lot of) pain when I menstruated and so.

So now 2 years later I moved to a new place and had a yearly checkup at a new gyn but we dicided that is was about time to start ttc so I ask my gyn about my odds but she said that she wouldn’t know and that I have to try for about half a year(going in 6cycle now) and then she would do a checkup etc.

Now I experienced that after I stopped with the pill my 3 monthly menstruation pain wasn’t that bad as I thought it would be every month ,

did this happen to any of you as well that it became less?

Normally I would get pains that I couldn’t walk and just had to stop and grab my tummy and ‘roll up” but this became a lot less. Same as pain with gas or when I had to go for number 2(screaming involved as well sometimes)

I also started to look out for what I eat I had to cut out the soya ( I’m a vegetarian and ate a lot of vegetarian meat wich included a lot of soya) and stopped things like coffee and so on. But this I didn’t do until 2 cycles ago while my pain got less before that (even more after though)

I would also like to ask if there is anything special I should ask my gyn. on my next appointment.

And how long are other people ttc with endometriosis?

I’m sorry for the long post I had never had anyone to talk about this, so kinda is a relief to tell people my story.

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TTC for 11 months with no luck, and in my 20s.. Thinking I might have endometriosis based on my symptoms. I hope you have an easier time TTC!


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