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Bowel endo. How long for bsge centre referral?

Hi just wondering, ladies who are being treated at a bsge centre, how long did to you wait to be seen from referall?

I have just been been diagnosed with bowel endo, after a very long and frustrating year of tests under general colorectal surgeons. I have no prior diagnosis of endometriosis. I have never had any gynae input. I am very aware mine appears to be quite an unusual case, mine has been diagnosed from biopsies at flexi sigmoidoscopy which suggests the disease is very deeply infiltrating. Am now looking at a specialist centre referall, but anxious about how long I may have to wait for this 🙄 xx

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Hi, just been reading your story. I have a similar endo to you that’s linked to my bowel. Mine showed on on my mri scan in July and I had the sigmoidoscopy too which was very painful for me beginning of October. Although I’m at a different hospital to u, Im in Sheffield I’m still waiting my date for operation. I think it’s a longer wait as I need too surgeons to carry out the opp. Hope you get a date through soon x


Are you are at the endo centre in Sheffield? Sheffield and Hull are my nearest bsge centres, I'm thinking of asking to go to Hull as I think that will be just a bit easier to get to from where I am. What surgery are you waiting for? Is it a diagnostic laparoscopy or more? Xx


I’m at jessops hospital sheff under gynocology - but under Nothern general hospital in sheff for bowel too. Origanlly they said laparoscopy but that was before my mri and camera results so I’m not sure what they will do now . I think it depends what they found on my results. My friend has had laparoscopy with the surgeon at jessops I’ve got and her scars were tiny so I’m hoping mine will look as good. Her surgery went well. X

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